Wellington Zoo


“The Barn” is a busy entry and information area at the heart of Wellington Zoo. The barn theme fits perfectly with the zoo environment so ensuring the space looks and feels as natural as possible is pivotal to the interior design. Meeting the ‘new’ fire code for the protection of guests in a public space has, until recently, presented challenges. 

Requirement and Specification 

The natural timber look is provided by classic, timeless 12mm pine ply which is then bought up to fire code with the application of FireZone 92 Clear Intumescent Coating from Zone. No stain, just as natural as possible and code compliant. In sort – look great, be complaint. Simple! 


A delightfully fresh and welcoming open space that will stand the test of time. These interior wall linings complete the barn theme in style. And if there is ever a case of fire, at around 200 degrees, FireZone 92 will char up to 50 times its original thickness forming an effective insulating layer that inhibits the spread of flame, minimises smoke developed and protects people (and animals) by giving them time to exit the premises. Job done.