Nandos Manukau


Nandos restaurants feature natural timber wherever they are. And every one is different.  Every one is unique.  No cookie cutter strategy here!  Since 2015, Nandos stores have used FireZone 92 intumescent systems on their interior timber linings to achieve the Group 1S rating to achieve NZ Building Code requirements for interior surface linings.

Requirement and Specification

Provide a clear coat that achieves Group 1S fire rating. Apply with minimal disruption to other trades and avoid any disruption to businesses in adjacent areas.  The look and feel should be as natural as possible.  

Specification: FZ92-1S


The reliability of finish, natural look, low VOC, all waterbased system along with the ease of application by Zone Approved Applicators all add up to a consistently pleasing result that compliments the designers intention and brief.