Mt Pleasant Community Centre


Innovation in timber structures is pivotal in this new build in Christchurch. LVL shear wall panels by Nelson Pine form the building’s structure, the roof and glass cladding are then added to two faces.

Requirement and Specification

The architect selected FireZone 92 for its clarity, finish and ease of application. The product needed to achieve Group 2 and Group 1S in various sections of the building. And application over existing transportation and handling seal coat was required.

Zone’s specific expertise in intumescent coatings was drawn on heavily. Approximately 1000 square meters of wall and ceiling required coating.


Many are saying that these timber structures are the way of the future. They are sustainable and are potentially outstanding for New Zealand’s economy. The use of FireZone 92 has allowed the expression of the timber panels and has achieved the required fire ratings of the NZ Building Code. Without FireZone 92, this timber masterpiece would not have been the same. Zone Architectural Products continues to be a significant and innovative player in the intumescent coatings market.