Koru Lounge Hamilton


Hamilton’s Air New Zealand Koru Lounge was completely refurbished with the new interior design that features the natural warmth of timber.  In order to express the timber and be compliant with the fire rating required under the NZ Building Code, the timber required an intumescent coating that would lift the timber from its Group 3 fire rating to a Group 2.  Zone’s FireZone 92 was selected due to its natural appearance, all water-based technology and ease of application.

Requirement and Specification

A clear coat that has the timber achieve a Group 2 fire rating.
As natural and matt a finish as possible.
Apply with minimal disruption to other trades and avoid any disruption to airport operations in adjacent areas.
Specification: FZ92-1S


The newly refurbished lounge boasts a ‘new-look’ with prime views of the runway and surrounding farmland with the warmth of timber while achieving code.