He Tohu Exibition


He Tohu is a new permanent exhibition housing 3 iconic constitutional documents that have shaped Aotearoa New Zealand and have wider relevance across the world.

The 1883 Women’s Suffrage Petition – the petition that gained international attention by allowing women the right to vote in Aotearoa New Zealand - the very first country that allowed woman to vote.

The sacred treaty known as Te Tiriti o Waitanigi, more commonly known as the Treaty of Waitangi.

The declaration called He Whakaputanga – the declaration of independence.

These 3 documents are housed within a carved out, solid rimu ‘block’ that is house within the larger Department of Internal Affairs building. 

Requirement and Specification

While the interior ceiling required a Group1S fire rating, the interior walls only required a Group 3.  The challenge was not only to identify a suitable intumescent for the ceiling, it was to have it visually match the wall.

No solvent based systems were allowed in or near the project.  FireZone 92 is NZ’s only all waterbased intumescent system.  In addition, FireZone 92 was selected for its fire rating, appearance and it’s durability.

Studio Pacific Architecture demanded a craftsman painter and worked extensively with Chris Geany on achieving a level of perfection.

Specification: FZ92-1S


The finished product speaks for itself. The beautifully carved West Coast Rimu in the shape of a waka huia (treasure box), made compliant with FireZone 92 expertly applied by Zone Approved Applicator Chris Geany. The seamless finish between full intumescent system and top coat only on the walls has delivered a consistent finish throughout the exhibition.

A project of significant historical importance delivered with excellence and enormous pride.