Offering excellent impact, stain, and chemical resistance.

Available with anodised aluminium trim, or caulk to match sheet colour.

• Rigid Polycarbonate Sheet - Achieves NZ Group 1S fire rating
• Tested to EN13501-2007, achieved Bs1D0
• Outstanding impact resistance, rigidity and heat deflection temperature
• 1.3 & 1.5mm thicknesses hide imperfections in walls.
1220 X 2400mm sheet + custom sizes available
• Fine, embossed co-extruded matt surface reduces gloss & shine
• Non PVC, no VOC adhesive, thermoformable
• Feather & eggshell stock in Auckland - Colour matches including metallics available
• System includes low profile anodised aluminium jointers
• Masterspec section 5152ZT